Sunday, February 13, 2005

Seattle vs. Phoenix

Tonight, Seattle will be battling it out with the Dallas Mavericks in Key Arena. This will be the deciding factor to see if the streak continues. As of now, the SuperSonics are on a five-game winning streak; Phoenix being their last win.

In that game, Rashard Lewis kept the team alive for the first half pushing with all his force. Lewis, who is a first-time All-Star, made 23 points. At first, it seemed like Ray Allen was having a pretty bad game, missing 13 of 16 of his shots in the first three quarters. But, in the fourth he came back with a fury scoring 14 of his 21 points and giving Seattle a vantage point.

"The first three quarters, it didn't seem like I had it. It seemed like every corner I turned they were on my shot, knocking the ball away. It was one of those games that I had to fight."
- Ray Allen

Seattle now will go up against the Mavericks. Both teams have very strong records, so it should be a great game. Go Sonics!!!

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