Thursday, March 31, 2005

Seattle falls to Spurs

In their most recent game, the Supersonics were overpowered in a very defensive game against the Spurs. The Sonic have solidified their Playoff berth, but could this show that they do not have the might to go all the way?

"We knew coming into this one that we had to keep them out of the paint right from the start, the opening tip and Ginobili took it right to the basket. In the first quarter, Parker did it twice, Manu (Ginobili) did it twice, their first eight points were layups. We gave up 50 points in the paint. We have to be more physical."
- Sonics coach Nate McMillen

This makes the record for the Sonics 49-22 while the Spurs have a record of 53-18.

The Spurs have shown that they are able to work around the absent Tim Duncan. Duncan, who sprained his leg and may stay out the rest of season, was compensated for by Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker.

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