Saturday, November 04, 2006

SuperSonics Came Back

The Seattle Supersonics had a pretty dramatic comeback against the L. A. Lakers, considering we were down by as much as 20 points in the first half. The Sonics even pulled ahead 102-100 with under 5 minutes to go. The Lakers' Ronny Turiaf turned out to be our nemesis, tying things up with a couple of free throws followed by a go-ahead jumper. Of course, there was also Kobe Bryant, evidently recovered from surgery; he chipped in 23 points, 6 assists, and 4 rebounds. Larry Odom put the nail on our coffin with 5 free throws in the final minute, bringing his game point total to 28.

Our guys had some nice stats, too. Ray Allen had 30 and Rashard Lewis had 28. But the ultimate one (Lakers 118, SuperSonics 112) -- not so nice.

Still, I'd have to concede that ticket-holders got their money's worth of pro basketball on this one. And the season is just barely started.

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